DX.com DIY Transistors

I have ordered a kit of DIY-transistors from DX.com:



The delivery was swift, the only problem was that there where no documentation included.

I think the supplier for this kit is http://www.mccsemi.com/, at least I got good hits in all but one component on their web page.

I have collected information for all the transistors in this kit and made a local copy of all the datasheets in case I need the in the future.

Text MCC P/N Polarity Pc Vceo Ic PDF Note
S9012 H 331 S9012-H PNP 625mW 25V 500mA
S9013 H331 S9013-H NPN 625mW 25V 500mA
S9014 C G18 S9014-C NPN 400mW 45V 100mA
S9015 C G18 S9015-C PNP 450mW 45V 100mA
S9018 H 331 S9018-H NPN 310mW 18V 50mA
A 42 B331 MPSA42 NPN 625mW 300V 300mA
MPS A92 128 MPSA92 PNP 625mW 300V 300mA
A733 P331 2SA733-P PNP 250mW 50V 100mA
A1015 GR331 2SA1015-GR PNP 400mW -50V -150mA
C 945 P 331 2SC945-GR NPN 400mW 50V 150mA There is no
product named P.
C1815 GR G18 2SC1815-GR NPN 400mW 50V 150mA
2N3904 B 331 2N3904 NPN 625mW 40V 200mA
2N 3906 B 331 2N3906 PNP 600mW 40V 200mA
2N 5401 B331 2N5401 PNP 625mW 150V 600mA
2N 5551 B331 2N5551 NPN 625mW 160V 600mA
S8050 D G18 S8050-D NPN 625mW 25V 500mA
S8550 D G18 S8550-D PNP 625mW 25V 500mA
SS8050 D 331 SS8050-D NPN 1W 25V 1.5A
SS8550 D 331 SS8550-D PNP 1W 25V 1.5A
TL431 A F8 TL431 Voltage regulator

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