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Yet another bug in the WebDAV client and SharePoint 2010

Today i encountered another bug in the WebDAV client in Windows 7.

I have a site collection (actually a host header site collection) with a pretty long url:

When I try to open libraries in explorer view from this site I get the well-known error message “Your client does not support opening this list with Windows Explorer.”


There are a billion of different problems that gives you this symptom, including:

  • Make sure your WebDAV service is running.
  • Make sure you have desktop experience pack if in a Remote Desktop environment.
  • Add site to local intranet if you are in the internet zone.
  • Save your credentials if you are not in a trusted environment.
  • etc, etc.

This time I found a new problem: The underscore in the name seems to cause problems as well! Renaming the site to http://mylongsitenamewithunderscore/ solved the problem for me.

The local intranet zone did not help me on this one. A good advice for the future: Keep your SharePoint urls as vanilla as possible!

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